Zory Burner - Composer, Music Producer, Singer/Songwriter

"A beautifully dark and haunting hybrid of styles, which nourishes your soul with its sensuous and captivating melodies, mystical and alluring vocal expression, Zory Burner's music makes you travel to another world!"

CD Baby album description

Thank you for a truly lovely concert series! ("A Journey On The Wings of Music" project supported by the Arts Council England). It was in fact a pleasure working with you and the rest of the team. You are a great leader and composer, and you steered the project very assuredly and skilfully. I'll be more than happy to be involved with anything run by you in the future!

Peter Mansfield, drummer, composer

"That's real music - not only text with some melodic chords, but MUSIC, which I can hear all the time! It makes me happy, because your songs are really nice and good for relaxation! And while they sound, I can also dream! I hope you'll never stop writing, because people need some kind of beautiful music - YOUR MUSIC!!! Thanks Zory! It's really a pleasure to be with your music!"

Marina Kirov, composer

Zory's sense of musicianship is excellent and interesting. Her compositional focus has a market that is excited about sharing their musical history and culture with the wider tapestry of London. The music she creates will also have the potential to truly become international in the consistent appeal of early a cappella music to the choral world.

Naveen Arles, musical director of London International Gospel Choir