Jenna Thorne, Creative Arts Coordinator of LifeWorks Arts Centre, Loughton

A Journey on the Wings of Music was a fantastic concert series that brought culture and professionalism in the arts to our community. The programme you presented in Loughton was phenomenal, and the ensemble was brimming with talent. The Byzantine chants were mesmerizing and it was a unique opportunity to hear such ancient music. It was a brilliant event and the feedback from the audience was overwhelmingly positive!

Candy J. Beard, CEO of Dreams Come True Films, US

Silent Dancing is by far my favorite score in "Vanished"! And that says a lot, since I love all the music that appears in this film, and I have personally selected one dozen scores. Zory's song is still my favorite of them all. I literally listen to it every single day on my computer, and when I cannot listen, I find myself humming the tune! It is very safe to say that 'Silent Dancing' captivates me! Zory has a God given talent and I hope it takes her far beyond her wildest dreams!

Famous Blue Raincoat

Classically trained (with a direct contact with Moscow classical world) and it shows. In a choir for many years, she knows Byzantine music and it shows. Many folk influences (extending to some Mike Oldfield moments), but she gives all the Joanna Newsoms of this world a run for the money. Extremely talented as a composer, and in possession of a truly distinct voice. Born in Bulgaria, has now moved to London and this is her first collection of songs.

More Than Any Kind Of Power - an instant classic
A bright future awaits - imagine what the first soundtrack she will compose will be like...

- Cortazar (Giorgos Pappas)

Jack Anthony Jory - writer/publisher (T Music Group), Gainesville, Florida

An excellent presentation of extraordinary talent!

"I've been following Zory for a couple of years and I'm excited at the progress she's making. Her music is... moving. I'm touched by the intimacy and as I listen, I feel great compassion for the artist. Her songs are personal. Each one is a message from her heart and soul. I find myself feeling very close to her, in a personal way, through her music.

Listening to this CD, I can see her every expression and feel her every mood. That's the goal of all songwriters and Zory accomplishes a wide range of emotions. From the hopeful healing of being lost inside with, "As Long as I'm With You" and the heart wrenching sorrow of "Crying"... looking for love... waiting... pretending... and her falling apart... left to wonder in "Caution or Emotion" and the empty whispers of "Together Alone" are all saddening and all encouraging. Then she steals the light from the fire in Heaven in "I could Be Anyone" she can do anything... open the door... but "It Doesn't End Here"... we might have lost but you won't lose me! Aiming for the height of the sky, "Silent dancing" in the arms of the night... She gives her heart... chasing dreams... I've said it before and I'll say it again, Zory Burner is worth more than diamonds, more than gold, more than any words... "More Than Any Kind of Power" is a gift of her love... you will never know... unless you listen... then you can know her... and love her! Then I think she wrote a song to me personally called "My Stalker". (She knows me) I sincerely hope her mission to kill "Assassin" isn't aimed at her stalker, me! Although, maybe she'd like to wrestling me into submission? Fun!!! Then she takes another turn effectively evoking angry emotions with "You Don't Believe Me". The final track, "Efreet" is exotically sensual, even erotic and a wonderful climax to the plethora of feelings in this VERY WELL DONE debut CD! I'd love to see this Artist on live stage with the enhancements of light, color and dance. I can imagine being surrounded in depth of emotion. Immersed in a mystical array of sensations...

Zory possesses a unique potential in the Performing Arts in that her music approaches being a genre of its own rising slightly above the label of Adult Contemporary Rock while remaining comfortably familiar in structure and particularly well suited for the visual effects that can be employed in live performance. Her style will attract sophisticated listeners from a maturing audience growing ever more bored with the same old two dimensional stand up performers who've dominated our music for 50 years. Zory can accomplish this because her music delivers the necessary "hook" elements in mature and sophisticated ways, which will appeal to the aforementioned audience. Lending itself so well to visual enhancements can create mesmerizing music-theater, which is the most promising trend for live performance venues today."

T Music Traveler / Jack Jory (profile featured review)

"Ya wanna get LUCKY:)?

Open your heart to this beautiful talent! Only, be careful, her eyes have magic. If she captures you in her gaze your heart will melt! You should be so lucky;)

Originally from Bulgaria, where folk music and folklore are deeply rooted in daily life from birth to death, Zory possesses a mystical and alluring savoir-faire in her movement and expressions likening to a beautiful gypsy girl... sensuous and captivating! Now residing in London (lucky Londoners:) where she's been independently producing the presentation of her portfolio. Her "More Than Any Kind of Power" video is very well done and a pleasure to watch.

I find it mesmerizing and were it produced commercially, it would be spectacular! I envision this act upon stage with choreographed dance, mood lighting and effects to swirl and sway our emotions. "Worth more than diamonds, more than gold, worth more than any words, More Than Any Kind of Power" Giving greater depth and meaning to my phrase, 'Romancing the Stage'."

History of Pop Review

"A star of the future we urge listeners and readers of our blog to keep an eye on is Zory Burner. The thing which surprises us most is that she hasn't been discovered yet.

Talk about professionalism - Zory's got a myspace page, youtube videos, iTunes songs - she's got everything, including a spot in our playlists. Keep listening! She's even offered to make a video for our website! A true lady!"