Zory Burner

Composer, Singer / Songwriter, Music Producer

Choral Work

Artistic director of Vocal ensemble Peregrina EnChantica, founded in 2014, specializing in early music and original works within the classical and world fusion genres, with Pre-Renaissance Byzantine chants at their core.

2016-2017 Concert series, presenting Zory Burner’s original seven-part song-cycle, in support of birds & wildlife conservation. Special performance on Hen Harrier Day by BAWC at Rainham Marshes Nature Reserve, in contribution to RSPB's Hen Harrier Life project, featuring the ensemble’s second single, "Forgotten Names".

2015-2016 "Sub Dio" music video, the ensemble's first released single, in contribution to UK's National Bird Vote campaign; performances in multiple festivals, including Southbank Centre’s Chorus 2015, the Brandenburg Choral Festival of London and the International Youth Festival of Arts, "The Muses" at the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, where the ensemble was awarded first place in four different categories.

Musical Theatre / Classical

2011-2015, "Jesus Christ: the Challenge of Love", new dramatico-musical production in development. Original music and arrangement by Zory Burner (12 songs and 12 instrumental interludes); Book by Zory Burner, lyrics by Zory Burner & John Collings;
- staged workshops and concert presentations of the production's music held throughout London in 2012

2014, "A Journey On The Wings of Music", project funded by Arts Council England - three concerts in three London areas, presenting the music of JCCL by a specially formed chamber ensemble, uniting 18 performers of classical, rock and various traditional instruments. Feat. opera soloist Matthew Tomko, Andean "Siku" player from Bolivia, Phaxsi Coca, Irish flute player Jacquelyn Hynes and Peregrina EnChantica.

Dance Soundtrack

2016, "Signs" by MonixArts dance company, contemporary dance choreography fusing British Sign Language, premiered at the Young Actors Theatre Islington, Sep 2016

2014, "Unspoken Words" by MonixArts, presented at Flash in the Attic Dance Theatre, Chester, 03.'14, premiered at the Blue Elephant Theatre, London

2013, "Fight or Flight" - part 2 from "Survival of the Fittest" by MonixArts, performed at the Edinburgh Fringe festival in Aug 2013

2012-2013, "Nu.V.Na" (Nurture Versus Nature) by choreographer Monica Nicolaides, premiered at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre, The Place, in Jan 2013


2016, "In Memoriam", short (drama), D: Natalie Audley
2014, "Vanished", feature (drama), D: C.J. Beard, Dreams Come True Films LLC, song feat. "Silent Dancing"
2013, "The Dance", short (drama/romance), D: Najat AlSheridah, UEL
2013, "The Mountain", short (drama), D: Zack Parks, Second Chance Films
2012, "Cold Steel", short (thriller / drama), D: Olivier Assoua
2011, "Coda", short (drama), D: Ulrika Becker, Tin Box Film Production
2010, "Harsh Living", short (drama), D: O.Ejikeme & D.Clarke; Feat. "Together Alone", "You Don't Believe Me"
2010, "Downsizing", short (thriller / horror), D: Edem Selormey, Mad Ninja Films
2010, "The Essay", short (drama), D: Martyn Grahame, Soleguv Pictures
2009, "You Want a Sandwich?", short (drama), D: Aliakbar Campwala, Aliale Productions; song feat. "Crying"

TV / Online / Animation / Other

2014, "Tortured For His Faith" by Dr Haralan Popov audiobook
2013, "Jaeden" (alt title "Suspended Vanity"), animation/dance, production co: Extended Reality Screened at Central Saint Martins, second exhibition, 19-23 June.
2010, "Foresight" - online mini series - episodes 1-3, D: Martyn Grahame & Nicholas Seviour, Soleguv Pictures

Albums / Record releases

2016, Forgotten Names, single, performed by vocal ensemble Peregrina EnChantica
2015, Sub Dio, single, performed by vocal ensemble Peregrina EnChantica
2014 "Vanished" feature film soundtrack, Dreams Come True Films LLC
2014 A Journey On The Wings of Music - Limited Edition CD
2012 JC Love - Concert Presentation, live performance DVD
2012 JC Love - Limited Edition Bonus Track CD
2010, Zory Burner Debut Album. Release date: 01/04/2010