Jesus Christ: the Challenge of Love

Anyone and everyone involved in the creation and development of this brand new dramatico-musical production has my deepest appreciation and gratitude!

The amazing cast and crew: John Collings, Matthew Tomko, Beatrice Tamas, John Vallance, Leon Brumen, Jos Brosnan, Mike Kemp, Fana Cioban and Minguy Lin; my fantastic producer Nikolay Yolov at YO'Musik Studio, as well as all of the organizations and individuals supporting us in our work, including: the Church Mission Society, the International Christian network Faithe2Share; Robin and Penny Minney, Chritopher Elston, Alastair and Diana Macnaughton, Peter Bell, Susannah and Peter Smith and Jack Antony Jory!

Debut Album contributions

A massive THANKS goes out to Nikolay Yolov - an incredibly talented music producer, highly skilled mixing and mastering engineer! Thank you for your excellent work on the major part of my debut album and for your patience with my works! And thanks for not limiting my studio time within fixed hours and letting me have my fun with adding yet another bass line to every track. :)

Studio Recording credits

Album tracks: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered in Aug.'09 and Jan.'10 by Nikolay Yolov @ YO`Musik Studio, BG;

Tracks: 2, 8 Recorded in May 2009 @
Play Recording Studios, London, UK;
Pre-Production: Lior Seker & Itay Kashti;
Mixed & Mastered by: Cornel Sorian;

Instrumentalists on the record

Acoustic Guitar: Rosen Dimitrov (Tracks: 1, 3)
Guitar & Bass: Lior Seker (Tracks: 2, 8)
Violin: Nikolay Yolov (Track: 7)
Viola: Slavena Markova (Track: 7)
Contrabass: Silvana Petkova (Track: 7)
Piano: Zory Burner (Tracks: 2, 8)

Artwork typeface credits

el&font gohtic! Author: Jerome Delage
The King & Queen font Author: Bran / Fractal Eye
Astonished Author: Eduardo Recife
Pulse Sans Author: Eric Mynahan
Grotesque BRK Author: Brian Kent
Skeksis Author: Neale Davidson

Photo credits

My dearest brother, M.K., for my favorite photoshoots;

Richard Unger for the amazing stills from my "Crying" music video, as well as the awesome 'behind the scenes' photos of my assassin character in "The Nephilim".

Jens Zschache for my very first pro headshot, which helped me a great deal in stepping further into my acting career;


HUGE THANKS goes out to the beautiful and wonderfully talented dancer and choreographer Monica Nicolaides, for creating the quirky and innovative piece "Nu.V.Na" (Nurture Versus Nature), which filled up the theatre at The Place in London for its premiere in January 2013!

Video / Film

The talented and visionary director, Will Moore, and equally creative director of photographer, John Livsey, for my first pro music video for my single "Crying".

The brilliant director of photography, Justus De Jager, for putting together and featuring the trailer for "Blood Army" (a.k.a. "The Nephilim"), available on his website.

Website design and development

My amazingly creative and talented brother, M.K., for making a perfectly organized and easily accessible personal website for me, as well as the site for my musical project "Jesus Christ: the Challenge of Love"

Personal contribution

Special THANKS goes out to Naveen Arles for the priceless support he showed me when I moved to London, for having me sing with the London Metropolitan Choir, lead by him, which gave me an amazing experience; and for the chance to meet so many wonderful people, his and now my dear London friends.

Jack Antony Jory! Thank You for the ever encouraging all-round support of me and my music, from the earlier stages of my career, through its development, your faith in me has been inspiring! Thank you so very much for your generous reviews and features, and your kind and gracious support of my Christian musical work!

Also a big Thank You to Qwesi Roi for making my first vocal showreel, a video of me singing "Don't Know Why" by Norah Jones and especially for introducing me to Second Life, which gave birth to my stage name.