Classically trained and seasoned composer, singer/songwriter and music producer, Zory Burner has developed a wide variety of music projects.

Having been a part of a Bulgarian Orthodox church choir for 7 years, and directing the choir during its last year, Zory's compositional style is greatly inspired by the Pre-Renaissance Byzantine music, as well as the Bulgarian folklore. Her niche is in creating a hybrid of genres and is known for the element of mystery and a haunting feel to her music.

Zory released her solo debut album in early 2010 and since then, her work has spread over several different areas of the industry: scoring films, screened at local and international film festivals, creating soundtracks to several live dance choreographies, performed at numerous stages, including London's Robin Howard Dance Theatre and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013, as well as writing and arranging the music to a new Christian musical, performed by a chamber orchestra at a concert series, "A Journey On The Wings of Music", supported by Arts Council England in 2014.

Zory is also the founder and artistic director of vocal ensemble Peregrina EnChantica, with first single, "Sub Dio", released in 2015, in support of UK's National Bird Vote campaign. The record was later published by US online magazine, InkStain Press. The ensemble’s second single, “Forgotten Names” was released in 2016, as a special dedication to the endangered species of birds, in contribution to RSPB's ongoing Hen Harrier Life project.

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Words from the artist

My Bulgarian background, Byzantine Orthodox chants influence, extensive classical music training and personal taste in Rock and Soundtracks have formed the hybrid styles I create as a music composer. My passion for mystery of sound and uniqueness in melody twists, coming deeply from my heart and soul, is a part of my continuous search for a fundamental innovation in the beauty of music: my constant pursuit of the untypical and melodic harmonies and dissonances that speak directly to your heart!

My artistic path is all about capturing the essence of every emotion and exploring the heart's deepest thrills, thus bringing souls together by sharing in one passion, one listener at a time!

My goal is to "attract sophisticated listeners from a maturing audience growing ever more bored with the same old two dimensional stand up performers who've dominated our music for 50 years."
- Jack Anthony Jory Writer/Publisher (T Music Group) Gainesville, Florida